We experience our first relationship before we are born: as a baby we are connected with our mother while we are in her belly. This first connection is crucial in the human life, effects our cognitive, social and emotional development. The influence of prenatal and postnatal bonding is long lasting, carries us through our childhood and effects our bonding patterns in our adult life. 

There are plenty of studies proving that infants in the womb develop a consciousness. They "sense" the environment and feelings of their mother or sometimes their father as well. Studies found that adults can recall accurate prenatal memories under hypnotic trance, when these memories were compered with the mother's memory.

Prenatal bonding has many benefits for both mother and child. The mother becomes confident about the motherhood,  and about giving birth. They usually experience less stress and more control before, during and after birth. Nevertheless on Bonding Therapy we are working in hypnotic trance state, which helps mothers to relax. They can learn how to enter this trance at home or even during labor. Many mom-to-be's also resolve their own prenatal or perinatal traumas under Bonding Therapy, and as a side effect their relationship with their mothers improves potentially.

Postnatal studies showed evidence that babies who experience more interaction with their parents develop faster in social and communication skills. Imagine what happens when this interaction starts even before birth! Infants that go through a deep prenatal bonding are usually alert and calm, they learn things quickly, like if they have already learnt a lot of things in the womb.

In BondingTherapy we use many visual, symbolic techniques to create and deepen the connection between the mother and baby during pregnancy. The result can be astonishing: an interactive communication beyond words. In this interaction we can fully express how we feel towards the baby, and we can "get" how our baby feels. We can prepare our little one to the life after birth, and see already the character of the baby. This "communication" is magical and astonishing: mothers sometimes know when their baby will be born!


There are several stages where we enter in Bonding Therapy, the following ones:

1. Preparation phase:

  • Recalling 1 or 2 prenatal and perinatal experiences
  • If there was a traumatic childbirth before we distress the traumatic expreience
  • Creating space for the baby -i.e. when there is a feeling of conflict in career development and establishing a family

2. Connection phase:

  • Connecting with the womb
  • Establish the connection with the baby
  • Creating interactive games with the baby
  • Being able to understand each other's signals/messages

3. Deepening

  • Learning the techniques and being able to practice it at home
  • Sharing some knowledge with baby about life outside of the womb
  • For some sessions it is possible to involve the partner - optional

4. Preparing for the birth

  • Playing "birth" with the baby
  • Preparing relaxation tools for the birth
  • Practicing trance and breathing


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