Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

Although we are all born with the natural need to connect intimately with someone, the rate of singles has been doubled in the last 60 years in US and this tendency emerges all around the world. Besides this fact, many of the existing relationships have tremendous problems (abusive behavior, estrangement, lack of trust... etc.).

It seems like all we need is love, however we invest solely in our professional skills instead of improving our relationship skills and learn how to create long lasting, healthy relationships.

With Bonding Therapy you go through a whole transformation, that allows you to open up for a new relationship and find the right partner for you. These are the steps that you take at Bonding Therapy:

  1. Developing Self - Love

  2. Discovering and changing non-adaptive bonding- and relationship patterns

  3. Healing from previous relationships

  4. Examining the belief system that can cause self sabotage

  5. Building a realistic picture about the future partner and relationship

These steps usually interfere with each other on the therapy, however there is a conscious work on all of these fields in the process, where you will learn a lot about yourself, your relationships and about how you can improve them.

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