Marianna Kocsány

I am a psychologist, singer-songwriter and blogger living in Amsterdam for more than 4 years. I've been doing lot of different jobs after my graduation, and learnt many self-developing techniques on the way.  My therapy is a fusion of classical psychotherapy, kinesiology and variable mindfulness programs.

When I started to do therapy I realized that most of my clients' problems came from non-adaptive bonding patterns, that had been learnt in the childhood or teenage times in the past. By rewriting those patterns I could guide my clients to connect their partners and family members in a deeper level.

This experience brought me the idea, that during therapy it is better to focus only on the client's current and past relations. According to my experience the balanced and healthy life is depending more on our relationships than material gains or success. After solving more and more cases my knowledge and understanding about relationships started to deepen. I created a special relationship therapy where individuals can work on their bonding patterns, that is what I call Bonding Therapy.

Many struggles that don't seem to relate to the topic of relationships, are resolved once one's emotional background, connections with family or partner get better. Connections and relationships nurturing our life, give us energy to achieve our dreams and get rid of addictions.

In the blog of this website I am willing to share my experience and insights about relationships. I hope that the readers can look into themselves and discover their own history by running through them. If you feel like that reading about this wouldn't be enough for you, and you need an individual session with me, you can apply for a free intake here. Please note that I can do face-to-face sessions only in Amsterdam.