Your relationships are the reflection of your relationship with yourself.


Creating and nurturing our relationships is a skill, that we can train and develop. This is what happens in Bonding Therapy.

What will you gain from this unique relationship therapy?

  • you learn and heal from your previous relationships

  • you will be able to change non-adaptive behavioral and bonding patterns

  • you will realize what is your ideal relationship look and feel like

  • a new mindset that will be the core of your new loving relationship

  • the guidence for taking neccesery steps in order to find the right partner for you

  • you will learn how to appreciate and love yourself

As a result you will be able to live in a healthy, balanced relationship, and connect with your partner.


Romantic Relationships

Romantic Relationships

Find out how old bonding patterns effect your love life and how can you connect with your partner better

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Mother-Child Bonding

Mother-Child bonding

Find out how to get in touch with your baby before birth and how to embrace this connection after

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