Marianna Kocsány

I am a psychologist originally from Hungary and I live in Amsterdam for more than 6 years. I graduated as a psychologist more than 8 years ago and practicing therapeutic work ever since. My therapy is a fusion of classic psychotherapy, emotion focused therapy and hypnotherapy.

In my early years as a therapist I have realized that most of my clients' problems are related to non-adaptive bonding patterns, and self-limiting beliefs. By rewriting these patterns and beliefs I can guide my clients to create the relationship that they are truly longing for, and help them in deepening their connection with their partners.

This relationship therapy is unique, because most of the techniques that I am using are created during my own therapeutic experience, inspired by my clients´ challenges in their relationships. My sessions are conducted in English or Hungarian in Amsterdam.

Therapy for singles

Bonding therapy is a relationship therapy for singles. We are working on all of the self-sabotaging factors that create the obstacle for singles to connect and settle down with a significant other. This process transforms people from bitter singles to a radiant, glowing women|men who can easily find a new partner.

I find helping singles to let go their inner obstacles and open up for a long-lasting relationship is a very rewarding work. It gives me a lot of energy to see how my clients develop self-confidence and how they realize that they are fully in control of their choices around dating. Seeing them finding a new partner is the best feedback I can ever get for my work as a therapist.

Therapy for couples

On Bonding Therapy couples learn a lot about themselves and about their relationship. Probably the biggest step in couple therapy is that we create a transparent communication about feelings and needs of each other. On Bonding Therapy couples learn how can they can turn around conflicts and war-zones and arrive to a mutual positive place. They can learn how to create chemistry again, if they feel like they lost it on the way.

It is incredible to see how couples can go through a whole transformation during Bonding Therapy. Many times couples enter to the therapy with an explicit or hidden crisis. The truth is enrolling for relationship therapy is not always a cure for the relationship itself: sometimes it catalyses the separation, if that is the best for both of the partners. However if the crisis was developed by some unconscious individual patterns or communication patterns the relationship survives. In this case the partners learn all the skills and awareness that they need in order to stay together.

Why do I love my job?

I am very grateful for my passion and profession. According to my experience the balanced and healthy life is depending more on our relationships than material gains or success. Many struggles that don't seem to relate to the topic of relationships, are resolved once one's emotional background, connections with family or partner get better. Connections and relationships nurturing our life, give us energy to achieve our dreams and get rid of addictions.

What can you find on ?

In the blog of this website I am willing to share my experience and insights about relationships. I hope that the readers can look into themselves and discover their own history by running through them. If you feel like that reading about this wouldn't be enough for you, and you need an individual session with me, you can apply for a free intake here. Please note that I can do face-to-face sessions only in Amsterdam.