From awkward dates to confidence and love

When I met Marianna I had a period of my life I was really seeking for being in a relationship, but somehow I could not get to the second or third date with anyone. Whenever something became close to be serious, the girl changed her mind the next day. I really felt awkward and I blamed myself that probably I have bad dating or relationship skills.

At this point I really thought that I might stay single forever

But I made one of my best decisions of my life, and signed up for an intake to Bonding Therapy. The transformation that I went through with Marianna was so intense, that

I did 5 sessions in total, and I met my current girlfriend already after 4 sessions.

So what she did? She made me realize that it is very important what kind of narrative I am telling to myself, and how do I see (or do I actually see?) my own values. She made me realize that I am not lacking of relationship skills: on the contrary, I have already learnt a lot from my relationships, about myself, and I should acknowledge that. By talking to her I also learnt a lot about how do we project things on the other and how can we communicate better in a relationship.

She made me feel comfortable with who I am, and that effected me so much, that I started to open up for people much better, with friends, on dates. I was no longer trying to say what the other want to hear on my dates. I could fully show myself , with confidence. I was no longer thinking so much about how the other thinks about me, but I was more concentrating on how I feel. I could let go all of my ex dates that did not work out, and stopped overthinking.

Most importantly: I could see myself as someone, who can be a great partner for a nice girl, not as a weird , broken person anymore.

Then I met with my girlfriend, and it was just effortless, the way we talked, and interacted. Probably the first time of my life when

I could go through a dating process without overthinking, and now I am experiencing the deepest love I ever had.

George , 32, Amsterdam, 2019