Your relationships are the reflection of your relationship with yourself.

Being in a relationship is a never ending journey of personal-development, you always learn something new about yourself and your partner. Relationships can be complicated, but they get easier if we gain insights and develops some interpersonal skills. These skills will make not only our romantic relationship better, but they also improve our social skills outside of the relationship.

What will you learn on Bonding Therapy as couple?

  • you will understand and practice how can you solve issues and reconnect in a conflict instead of getting lost in fights

  • you will re-establish intimacy in your relationship and the culture of appreciation

  • you get to mutual understanding about commitment, trust, and plans for the future

  • you learn some relationship skill such as conflict management, cultivating positive feelings, emotional regulation

Couples react in many different ways to the sessions. Most of them already feel much closer after few sessions, still sometimes it takes time to put the new awareness and knowledge in practice.

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Are you in a long-distance relationship?

Let me help you to go through the bumpy road and assist you to figure out the following:

  • if you two are really meant for each other?

  • how can you find the common path?

  • how can you turn challenges into ease and success?

We can schedule sessions online as well, if you want to participate together. You can also take individual sessions, that can already give you a lot of clarity.

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